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I love it when bloggers highlight their favorite items from popular retailers.  Don’t get me wrong; inspiration images of gorgeous high-end furnishings are great to spark your imagination!  But, it’s also always fun to consider items that might be more in reach.  So, I thought I’d share some standouts from one of my personal favorite sources: West Elm.

West Elm’s typically eclectic modern look is very much my personal taste, but I think that their current selection includes pieces which could appeal to a broad range of personal styles.  With their big bath & bedding sale ending this week, I thought I’d discuss my take before it’s over!

Speaking of the sale, let’s talk about the good deals first!  When I look at duvet covers, I’m usually drawn to bold, colorful patterns.  But now, as I’m considering updating our master bedroom, I thinking something more subtle, in a solid color but with great texture, would be a more elegant look, like the Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet cover.  My favorites are the light amethyst and feel blue.

Stripes are so classic, too, don’t you think? I think the varying widths and different blues and yellow stripes in this Gallery Stripe Duvet Cover are so fun!  This might be perfect for a client’s tween room.

I adore the look of hand blocked graphics…in artwork and on textiles; these Hand Blocked Lola Quilts are no exception with their modern world vibe.  Even better?  These are by Craftmark-certified artisans.  I think these would look great folded at the foot of a bed.

I’ve been wanting to add some Hammam style towels to my linen closet…I think these Honeycomb Tassel Hand Towels are so pretty with their subtle graphic.

Have I told you yet how much I LOVE color?  How cute is this Turned Leg Nightstand??  It also comes in a more neutral chocolate.  Either way, I think it’s style would work with traditional or modern pieces…almost anywhere, really.  

There is something so striking about this Stephen Antonson Mirror.  (I confess…I have a thing for oval shaped mirrors!) I can just picture it looking SO amazing on a really dark smoke-gray or midnight blue wall…

Chesterfield style sofas are all the rage, and for good reason…with their comfortable yet classic style they just seem so sophisticated.  Most of the ones I’ve seen are in leather, though, and leather couches are not my personal favorite (that’s a whole other blog post…).  So, I was super excited to see this Chester Tufted Upholstered Sofa with its cleaner lines, AND it comes in velvet and linen!

I got a huge smile on my face when I saw this gorgeous Wood Tiled Dresser.  Do you love it, too?

This Agate Silk Pillow cover is a fabulous way to incorporate the marbleized trend.  Wouldn’t it be stunning as a pop of color against a white sofa or chair?  I think this is one of  West Elm’s accessories that would be as much at home in a more formal room as in a causal setting.

Ok, I could go on and on talking about everything I love in their latest catalog, but I’ll stop with just one more.  Clean lined, rustic, and industrial all at once, this Rustic Kitchen Dining Table would just have to go in my house if I had an eat-in kitchen…

I love West Elm for their style, but also for their great partnerships…they have featured etsy artists, fabulous designers, popular bloggers, and a collaboration with Aid to Artisans.  Not the typical MO for a big name retailer.

How about you?  Any favorites of yours I left out?  Please share!

9 thoughts on “Catalog Picks: West Elm

  1. I love love these picks! The wood tiled dresser is amazing….and I just love that grey sofa. Grey is SO my favorite right now….especially paired with pops of color! Those pin tucked quilts….I did find for a STEAL on Target’s website believe it or not as well…FYI for any fans out there!

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Mara! I agree with you about the grey trend…I am loving it, too! Good to know about that deal….

  2. I Iove eclectic AND good deals, so lots of these things appeal to me too! If you take the kitchen table, I’ll take the chairs!! Really, I do love them, but wonder what those legs would do to a tile or wood floor?

    • Thanks for your comment, Terry! Good question! I think, as with any furniture on a wood or tile floor, the best strategy is to attach those felt stickers to the bottoms of all the legs. You can trim them so they’re not visible, and replace them when they get so worn that they’re no longer doing their job. We got a box of felt furniture stickers from Bed, Bath, & Beyond that had all different sizes, and they have worked great! I’m sure you can find that type of thing online, too.

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