POP!!!  That’s the sound of the champagne bottle opening tonight!  After many months of research, planning, and hard work, I am thrilled to celebrate the official launch of Inner Décor!  Welcome!

Here on the Inner Décor blog, I’ll share my ideas and thoughts on interior design.  I’ll discuss my inspirations from all types of sources, and I’d love to hear about yours!  My goal is to post weekly and include updates and information about projects I’m working on, my opinions on if, when and how to incorporate trends into your home, DIY suggestions, and more.  The blogging world is all about community, so please jump in with your thoughts in the comments.

Now onto a long list of thank you’s, starting at…well, the beginning.  My parents always encouraged me to pursue whatever path interested me, for which I am very grateful.  I am so happy to feel like I am finally on the path that best combines my experiences, skills, training, and creative interests.  I’m excited to learn more every day!

Next, the great, diverse blogging community.  For years I have been reading the design greats like decor8, designmom, and design*sponge, where the pursuit of creative passions is encouraged on a daily basis.  Reading their voices reaching out to entire communities of readers has been so motivating and inspiring.  I truly believe that these and all blogs can really make a difference.

So, so many friends, near and far, have offered their kind words and support.  Their enthusiasm definitely gave me the push I needed to have the courage to go for it!

Finally, my wonderful husband.  He did not know he was signing up to be the spouse and, essentially almost-partner, of an entrepreneur.  But, he has whole-heartedly given me his backing and has helped me with so many of the tedious start-up tasks…including building this website!! How lucky am I?

Stay tuned for a “regular” Inner Décor blog post and be sure to check out my services page if you are interested in decorating services locally in the Toledo area or long-distance via online communication.  A gift certificate for an hour or two of consultation would also make a great gift!

Thank you so much for visiting and reading my very first blog post!  If you’d like to keep up with my posts and ideas, click the buttons above to follow me on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and/or subscribe to my RSS feed.

20 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Congrats Sara!!!! I had no idea you had this wonderful talent but am so glad you are going to share it. Best of luck to you on your new adventure :)


  2. Congratulations Sara…this is your true calling. Can you have my house beautiful for me by the time we move back from China:) So excited to follow you on your blog and really looking forward to the DIY projects!

    • Thanks so much, Katherine!! You know, I’m sure we could make that happen if you want :)! As I remember, you had a great foundation!! I just found out about your blog, too, and am excited to follow along on your adventures in China, too!

  3. Yay, Inner Decor is finally open for business! I love the unique approach that Inner Decor has – designing a home to match the personality, interests, feelings of the dwellers. So cool. And we need you, so hopefully there will be room on your calendar for us in 2012.

  4. Great site Sara! … and it reflects ‘the true you!’ Such strong client statements truly highlight your talents. Your interest in people, your astounding gift for seeing so much at once (coupled with your amazing memory), your expertise at picking out details from a person’s life that express something special about them, revealing their style, incorporating the new with the ‘old,’ and your practical skill at working within a budget truly make you the perfect decorating consultant! Congratulations on a great beginning!

  5. Congratulations, Sara! I’m so thrilled for you – how exciting that your dream has become a reality! I’m sure you’ll be a huge hit!!

  6. Congratulations! We are so very proud of you for putting all of your strengths and talents together and following your dream. As with everything you have ever done, we know that you will put your heart and soul into this endeavor and make the world a more beautiful place.

  7. Congratulations Sara!!
    It’s so wonderful that you have created Inner Décor. What a fantastic way to combine all of your interests, talents & creativity….I may have to pop open a bottle of champagne to help you celebrate! Here’s to a new beginning filled with success and happiness!

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